Kumamon Land Mystery Pack (Series 1)

Kumamon Land Mystery Pack will be bundled with one gift set, one random limited-edition figure (Approximate 10 cm) and one Kumamon Land 3D model NFT. You then own both virtual and physical collectibles at the same time.

Inclusive of: 1 x Limited Edition Physical Souvenir T-Shirt* 1 x Officially Authorized Physical Gift Set (bottle, tote bag) 1 x 10cm Physical Limited-edition Kumamon Figure 1 x Kumamon NFT (as 3D avatar in VEXMETA) 1 x Unlimited Access to Kumamon Land (Metaverse Tourism)

*For those who purchased Kumamon Land Mystery Pack in VEXMETA.shop before11 Dec 2022 23:59 (GMT +8) will be entitled 1x Limited Edition Kumamon Land T-shirt.

Please note: Mystery Pack with physical gifts can only be purchased at VEXMETA.shop, but NOT included in the second-hand market for sale.